You Don‘t Need a Motivational Speaker at Sales Kickoff.

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Motivational speakers work well ​when the problem is a

lack of seller effort.

But, what if effort isn’t the right problem to solve?

What if doing more of the same is actually hurting your ​reps’ ability to earn buyer trust and attention?

Earning Buyer Attention Is No Longer a Numbers Game

For years, B2B Sales & Marketing teams have tried to increase customer access with a strategy of "more".

More dials.

More emails.

More "value" and ROI.

But, 2023 showed us "more" is expensive and no competition against today's risk-averse B2B buying teams.

83% of a B2B buying group’s time is spent WITHOUT sellers.

Yet, many sellers are still relying on the same tactics that worked in a high-demand environment.

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This ​Uncrowded ​Area Is ​Yours to ​Win

Instead of motivating the ​team to do more of the same, ​use your SKO to empower ​reps with a different Sales ​approach that earns buyer ​trust and attention.

Source: Gong (March 2023)

Sales team Workshops & Keynotes on:

  • Think Like a Buyer, Not a Seller

  • How to Defeat Status Quo with Your Pitch

  • How to Break Through the Buyer’s Mental Spam Filter ​(Prospecting/Cold Email)

  • How to Avoid Death by Discovery

  • How to Identify & Activate a Deal Champion

  • How to Overcome Buyer Group Dysfunction

  • The New Sales Superpower (Writing)

what others say

Jen has the ability to capture the audiences attention through her presence, content and talk track. Her approach is enthusiastic and thoughtful, while delivering an impactful message. She took the time with our sales team to workshop what good looks like while providing the coaching necessary to drive increased results.

Jen was able to get our leaders and sales reps out of their comfort zone to demonstrate how to drive greater results when prospecting and driving demand.

Matthew Fairbanks

SVP, Sales


We invited Jen to speak at our Business-wide SKO and we are so glad we did! The message she delivered has gone over so well with our sales community and set the stage for our subsequent business unit SKOs. Jen flawlessly tied in themes and phrases from our CEO and CCOs who spoke before her. We've gotten some great feedback from our sales teams on her engagement and being able to use the tools she shared with us real time. I'd highly recommended Jen as a SKO speaker to anyone who is looking for someone super engaging who can deliver a message in a simplified way that is easy for people to understand and subsequently take action.

Whitney Mccormack

Global HR leader

GE vernova

Jen is the breath of fresh air, relevance and candor we need in this space. We partnered with her for the G2 Revenue Kickoff and she stole the show. Not only did she connect with the audience early and often, the team also walked away with hard hitting actionable takeaways. We started running some of her plays the following week and saw immediate impact. From early prep, to progress checkin and execution - she is one of the best and I would highly recommend her as a partner.

ERic Gilpin



About DemandJen

I was a full-cycle Enterprise Sales rep for 18 years. But, you'll never hear

me refer to myself as an "expert".

I'm a seller who made every mistake in the book. I don't believe sellers need

to be motivated. I believe they need to be empowered. I teach the strategies

and tactics to earn buyer attention and trust that I wish I learned earlier in my


I sold $50M+ to C-level Sales, Marketing and Strategy executives, while at

Corporate Executive Board, Gartner, and Challenger Inc. (the company

behind The Challenger Sale). I was a Relationship Builder who learned to sell

like a Challenger.

I hosted the Winning the Challenger Sale podcast (growing the audience

from 2k to 20k listeners per month) and created the role of Chief Evangelist

at Challenger. This Is when I fell in love with speaking at SKOs to help Sales &

Marketing teams rethink their beliefs and assumptions about how to earn

buyer attention and trust, and to defeat status quo.

Want to see DemandJen in action?

Check out 100+ videos here:

C: 703-909-1034

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